Strict discipline, obedience, courtesy in speech, conduct and cleanliness are expected from the students. Irregular attendance, disobedience and objectionable behaviour will entail expulsion.

Students who are absent without prior permission, will not be allowed into the classes without a leave note from their parents or guardian,. The leave letter should be handed over to the class teacher immediately on arrival.

Parents should see that their children attend the school regularly and punctually. No child will be allowed inside the School after 8.45 a.m. or after the time specified on certain special days. The School gates will be closed after the stipulated time. Punctuality is insisted upon and hence no late comers are allowed into the classes.

Three months notice is required before a students is withdrawn from the school. Three months fee will have to be paid in lieu of such notice.

Those who absent themselves without leave for more than ten consecutive working days of academic year will be deemed to have left the school, and their names will be struck off the rolls.

Teachers of this school should not engage in private tuitions.

I further want to remind you that if you come across any problem regarding your child's studies or any discrepancies in the administrative side, do not come to the School office and holler at the staff, such an attitude and action are totally uncivilized and bring a tarred image to you as well as to the School. If you have any problem related with the school you are free to discuss it with the principal from 12 Noon to 1.00 P.M. on all weekdays on the phone. You can contact me either on 27172691/27152348 or meet me with prior Appointment.

Term fees should be paid on or before the 10th of, prescribed months. A fine of one rupee per day will be collected till the 15th of prescribed months and thereafter the names of defaulters will be struck off from the roll. Full admission fee is charged for re-entry. The arrears will also have to be paid.

Every student is expected to take care ofthe school property.

Disfiguring of walls and any damage to school property will have to be borne by the faulty students.

In matters of discipline Principal's decision will be final and binding on all students.

The School does not permit half day leave of absence. If a student reports to the school, he/ she has to attend both the morning as well as the afternoon sessions .