Parents are the pillars of any educational institution and it is only with their willing cooperation that the institution flourishes and prospers. We are grateful that our parents have always extended their full co-operation to our institution ever since its establishment in the year 1981.

All of us can see that the present state of our society is in a deplorable condition, lacking peace and cohesion. When we look into the reason for this, we can easily see that this restlessness and disquiet are due to our disregard for the virtues and traditions held sacred by our ancestors.

One of the purposes of education is to bring back peace and comfort to the society and for this, obviously, we have to lend our ears to the voice of tradition and it's golden values. A child has to listen and abide by the instructions given by the parents for his or her prosperous future. The parents are unhappy and depressed when the child does not follow their guidelines. Similarly, the parents should also listen carefully and try their utmost to implement the guidelines given by the educators among their children. These guidelines are given from the basis of years of experience in the field of education and solely with the interest to develop the child into worthy personality contributing his/her mite to the family as well as to the society.

What is taught in the school would not by itself suffice unless it is supplemented at the residence. For this purpose what we seek from the parent is that they should ensure that their kids usefully spend their time on studies from the beginning of the academic year.

Parents should consider themselves as partner in the process of educating their children and should share responsibilities with the school.

Parents should ensure that theirwards :

*Complete their homework everyday

*Are punctual and regularto School

*Are in proper uniform everyday

*Carry everything necessary to the school everyday

*Keep their books neat

*Follow the guidelines prescribed by the school and abide by the rules and regulations of the school

*Do not attend classes while suffering from infectious diseases such as chickenpox, measles etc.

*Are not sent to the school too early.

Parents should share responsibilities with the school in inculcating qualities such as cleanliness, hygiene, punctuality, civic sense and brotherhood in theirwards.


Sri Sai Public School is a Co-educational institution established in 1981. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.

The Examination is conducted by the council at the end of class X.

Sri Sai School (upto class X) is recognised by the Govt. Of T.S. The School follows SSC syllabus.


This being a very important factor, is taken into consideration for eligibility to the Examination with regard to the promotion of candidates, as laid down by the council. Parents are particularly requested to ensure that their wards have a minimum attendance of 85%.


The daily working hours are from 8-30 A.M. To 3-00P.M. Lunch break of 35 minutes from 11-35 A.M. To 12-10 P.M. The school works from Monday to Saturday, (First and Second Saturdays will be holidays).


An Important aspect of our school is the house system where every child is put into a house to take part in various activities under a particular name and colour. There are four houses.





All activities whether in a class room or on games field, are on a compititive basis. Points are awarded for every sport and game as well as for cleanliness, behaviour, study etc.